Nicholas Marksberry, Certified Professional Home Inspector

Arizona Certified Home Inspector # 63765

InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector # NACHI16121906

IAC2 Mold Inspector # IAC2-05-6279

I also wanted to be the best there is, which is why I became a Certified Professional Inspector with InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and continue to keep up to date on all the latest nuances of the ever changing building industry through their extensive courses and training. Their requirements for obtaining and maintaining membership are the highest in the industry, which is why they establish a higher standard for the home inspection industry, and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

My aviation career has instilled in me a passion for safety and security, and driven me to ensure that everything I’m involved in meets a higher set of standards. To this day I don’t sacrifice my integrity, and Honor, Courage, and Commitment still stand as my personal core values – this coupled with years of experience, the best training in the industry, and knowledge that is hard to beat, makes me your best choice in home inspections. So contact us today!

My name is Nicholas Marksberry, Certified Professional Home Inspector. I love homes, helping my clients, and doing one of the most thorough home inspections in the entire area. I have worked hard to become one of the most qualified and experienced home inspectors in the area. Here is a little bit of my background.

I joined the United States Marine Corps, where the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment were ingrained into me. There I learned about integrity and how important it is to never sacrifice that for anything.

In the Marine Corps, I was a Power line Mechanic on the AV8B Harrier stationed in Yuma, Arizona. I was there for 5 years, where my natural attention for detail was fine tuned into making the job of Inspector one of my duties because of my aptitude toward it. I continue my aviation career to this day. My wife works hard at her job, and as she has a passion for helping people in everything she does. I wanted to make sure that she could reach her goals on every level, which drove me to begin a career in home inspection. I graduated from the American Home Inspection Training Institute and have been working as a home inspector ever since.


Our InterNACHI Qualifications

The licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard. Much like being up to code, any less would be illegal. Imaginary people, children, and even pets can theoretically be home inspectors. InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, front-ends its membership requirements.

InterNACHI inspectors:

  • have to pass InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination, and re-take and pass it every three years
  • have to complete InterNACHI’s online Code of Ethics Course;
  • have to take InterNACHI’s online Standards of Practice Course;
  • must submit a signed Membership Affidavit;
  • substantially adhere to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice;
  • abide by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics;
  • have to submit four mock inspection reports to InterNACHI’s Report Review Committee
  • within the first year of membership, have to successfully pass the following free online, accredited courses and exams:
  • have to pursue inspection-related training by taking 24 hours of additional accredited Continuing Education each year (in addition to what is already required);
  • have to maintain their Online Continuing Education Log, per InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education policy;

All of this to make sure that we are the best home inspectors possible for you and your new property!